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See how we generate our leads!


     Australian leads from as low as $2.90 each


          Australian Leads

Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads



20 -Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $4.50 per lead $90

  50 - Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $ 4.00 per lead  $200

90 - Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $3.75 per lead $337

130 - Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $3.40 per lead $442
300 - Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $3.30 per lead $990
600 - Semi Exclusive Real Time Aus Leads $2.90 per lead $1740


If paying by bank transfer our company account details are listed at the bottom of this page.
Phone orders available : 07-55020985 or 04-38167937 Please if you have any questions at all please phone you will find our staff very helpful, we are real people who don't hide behind an email address.

Replacement Policy:
We realise that there are bad leads from time to times so lead orders will receive 20%overage

All Orders Are Final final                                                                                                                        

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        Welcome to Symtec-leads

We have been generating highly qualified leads for over 5 years now with many satisfied customers in Australia and abroad, we can also send visitors to your website and assist in your lead generation.

Take your business to the next level and learn to generate your own leads!

PO Box 4399 Robina QLD 4230



         Customer Testimonial           Benefits of buying leads  
Over time, I have purchased "QUALITY" leads for MLM Home Business Oppt. but with virtually NO success. I had all but given "purchasing leads" as a bad job. When I was offered the opportunity for Symtec- Leads, I was VERY SCEPTICAL....Anyway against my better judgment I purchased 10 leads..
I was pleasantly surprised at the interest & reception that I received when I rang these leads. Also a good percentage of the leads resulted in success. This would honestly be my first satisfactory experience of purchasing leads for people looking for a Home Business Opportunity.

Thank you..Liz..Au


  • Exclusive Leads are just that Exclusive
  • We replace leads with wrong contact information
  • Timely delivery
  • 10 Star Customer service on 07-55020985
  • Fast email support support@symtec.com.au
  • We don't hide behind an email address
  • Prime quality






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